The experience, knowledge and continuous training of engineers of the company on the achievements of new technologies, both with daily updates on new products and with frequent attendance of international seminars and exhibitions in the industry have rendered the company a center of free provision of information, problem solving and knowledge transfer to engineers of its customers.

The company believes that the proper and continuous information of the customer about the quality, capabilities and operation of its products are the main ally against the misinformation that unfortunately prevails in the sector, regarding the questionable quality and origin of cheap materials.

The company invests in the proper updating of market technicians and engineers with the provision of printed and electronic material with technical information on products and new technologies, with visits to the areas of companies and businesses, with participations in industry exhibitions and by organizing small groups of training seminars in its premises allocating time, staff and facilities of the company for the technical information in the design of hydraulic systems, the technical characteristics of the products and their good operation and maintenance rules.